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“I have been unfortunate to sustain three completely different injuries this year and Shane has treated me for all three. I have been impressed how quickly he has diagnosed each problem and successfully treated them to get me ‘up and running’ in a short space of time. Big thank you Shane, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”

Margaret Howarth

“Having been to three different physios (not at Body In Motion) without any real success, I feel blessed to have found Scotty at Body In Motion. His level of understanding, analysis, treatment and professionalism has redefined what a Physiotherapist is for me. Truly outstanding. Not only did I have a physical problem needing help, the mental problem was growing as I was losing hope of ever fixing my shoulder. Scotty has turned around both these problems and through his ongoing pursuit of my health has got me to a better condition than even before my injury. What takes me on to my next comment…

Scotty suggested that I could give Pilates a go as it would complement his treatment. I can’t believe the difference it has made physically. My posture and core strength has improved so much… Nicole’s classes are great, she manages to give everyone individual attention although in a class environment. I really recommend Pilates as it has great impact on your everyday life. Nicole’s beginner reformer classes are a great place to start.

Body In Motion Mount Maunganui seems to have its values spot on. It is professional, friendly and consistent. From the friendly welcome as soon as you walk in the door, right through to the follow up service after your treatment. Faultless.”

Adam Sinclair

“Body in Motion provides an exceptional physio service. We have always found them to be friendly, helpful, flexible, and they have outstanding customer service which is focused on our needs. We have had a long history of rehab needs with other providers but they were not resolved until we met Scott at Body In Motion. We are extremely grateful.”

Matt & Coral

“Thanks for the prompt patient updates you send me, it makes managing the guys so much easier. The times when you have not been free, Kathy and Melissa have taken the clients and are also great with their updates. I always hear great feedback from those you treat!”

Tracey Gooders
Occupational Health Nurse

“Having had attended (Body In Motion) for therapy for some time now, and having suffered quite a bit of tension and pain, I must recommend you on the treatment I have received. The tension and pain I felt at the start of my sessions are going, and I am more relaxed and moving muscles that were previously so stiff and caused quite a bit of stress on walking is now easier.”

Violet Robinson

“I have had occasions where I required treatment… for damage to my shoulders. On these visits I have received very professional and satisfying treatment from all staff, from receptionist, to those who have given massage and follow up exercises. I would especially mention Laura O’Brien, whose cheerful and clear approach followed by excellent and successful massages was very much appreciated.”

Cliff Rose

“I have been a patient at the Grenada Street (Mount Maunganui) Body in Motion for a few issues over the years and have always had excellent professional service. On one occasion I went because I had pain in both knees when bowling, going down stairs, or walking anything but a small distance. The pain had been going on for several months. A problem with my quad muscles was diagnosed on my first visit. I did the exercises as recommended and I soon became totally free of any pain. My knees continue to feel good as new and I can continue with bowling, and all the other activities I want to do.”

Graham Parkins

“Over the past 7 weeks, Kelly has been treating me for whiplash. When I first met Kelly, I could barely move, and it felt like every part of my body was aching. It was taking an hour and a half to do things that should take 20-30 minutes. What has really impressed me about Kelly is that she listens to what I have to say, and she takes the time to explain step-by-step the treatment she is giving. I now understand why every part of my body seemed to ache, and why at times she treated the opposite side of my body to where the pain was. For me, my recovery has benefited from the fact that I now have a good understanding of my injury and the subsequent treatment regime.”

Barbara Steel

“Body in Motion physio offer an excellent service. The facilities and location are first class. The staff are very professional, caring and friendly. I highly recommend.”

Debbie Bryant

“Paula is communicative, has a pleasant personality and is very efficient.”

Alison & Allan

“Very professional, and first class results. Always accommodating when necessary.”

Val Horsburgh

“Megan’s involvement with me at the IPC World Championships was integral in me coming away with Gold and Bronze medals. Her ability to treat while explaining what she was doing, and the purpose behind it, showed her knowledge of the body and the treatment needed to get better. Megan is a top physio who I would happily recommend to anyone.”

Cameron Leslie

“Megan worked with the NZ Paralympic Swim Team throughout our travel to and from Canada, a week training and a week of racing at the IPC World Champs. Her professional competence in managing a couple of niggles I had and dealing with a training injury enabled me to feel great and race with confidence. Where races are won by .1 of a second, Megan’s genuine, caring attitude and top-notch physio skills made a significant impact on our medal tally!”

Mary Fisher

For more than ten years I suffered from chronic pain and stiffness for which I had many blocks of treatment and was given various exercises to do. Although I made some good progress, I still found I needed frequent treatments to avoid going backwards. I frequently used pain relief, and found it difficult to do many everyday activities whithout exacerbating my problems.

Two years ago I began doing Pilates, to begin with on a one to one basis, while continuing to have treatments every two to three weeks. Over time I noticed a gradual improvement in my posture, strength and flexibility as well as a great reduction in the severity and frequency of pain. I am now able to do things such as work on our orchard, gardening, cleaning and going for walks for significantly longer and suffer much less pain and stiffness afterwards. Often if I am a little stiff or sore, doing some Pilates exercises will help settle things down. And I am having treatment less and less frequently.

The improvement was very obvious when I compared an overseas trip I went on six years ago, with a recent two week trip to Japan. Six years ago I only coped with the long flights, car trips and walking by taking anti-inflammatories each day. During our trip to Japan I used pain relief just twice, once after walking down steep steps for an hour and again after walking the streets of Tokyo for a whole day.

Wendy Vickers