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Mobility Action Programme (MAP)

The Mobility Action Program is a Ministry of Health funded pilot programme, targeted at people in our community aged between 40-70 years with mild to moderate arthritis of their hip, knee or low back pain (non-accident related).

The aim of the program is to increase an individuals self-management skills, understanding of their condition so that they can fulfill their health potential and increase independence.

This program is funded by the Ministry of Health for community service card holders and lower socioecomonic groups to ensure access to high quality advice, assessment and treatment are available to all in our community.  The programs are run in community venues by experienced practitioners in the fields of nutrition, pain management and exercise prescription.

In the Budget 2015 the Government allocated $6 million of new funding over three years to help improve care for people with musculoskeletal conditions. 
This includes improving access to early community-based care, education to encourage self- management, and rehabilitation programmes to improve function, and participation in activities.

The Ministry of Health has awarded Body In Motion Physio & Rehab funding to develop and provide this service in the Tauranga region for a period of 18 months, at which time the programme will be evaluated against other MAP models of care to identify those that provide the greatest benefits for patients while providing good value on the investment in health resources. We are funded to see approximately 380 patients.

The model provides a holistic approach, educating the mind, strengthening the body and assisting the spirit to feel part of a community. This holistic approach is only possible with the use of a cohesive multidisciplinary team and the ability to keep other stakeholders in a participant’s health fully informed.

The rehabilitation offered is evidence based to ensure clinical outcomes are positive. Extensive time has been put into developing the levels of care, to ensure they are effective packages. For more information, please contact us or see this website