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Health & Safety

Workplace Health & Safety


Keeping your workers healthy and safe makes good business sense.

An effective health and safety programme is an investment that protects and strengthens your business. It protects your biggest asset - your staff - and reduces costs due to illness and injury, increases productivity, and improves staff engagement. It also helps protect and enhance your reputation.

We are one of the Bay of Plenty’s leading Occupational Physiotherapists, offering a comprehensive suite of workplace health and safety services. We can help reduce injuries at your workplace, and get injured staff back to work sooner. You and your staff rest easy, knowing you have erected a fence at the top of the cliff, to reduce the risk of needing an ambulance at the bottom.


We have the expertise to help you prevent workplace injuries - even in the riskiest work environments.

If you have staff that sit all day or stand all day, do repetitive work, lift heavy loads or do a lot of bending and twisting, then they are most certainly at risk of injury (acute or degenerative), discomfort, pain and fatigue. 

We can visit your workplace and provide Injury Prevention advice. We can tailor a seminar or workshop for your staff, or work one-on-one with individuals. Injury Prevention services might include workstation adjustments, postural and exercise programmes and other safe work practices. 

By understanding better how their bodies work, we empower your workers to self-manage their health.


If an injury does occur, we can help your staff remain at work or get back to work as quickly as possible.

Working with ACC and your organisation, we can assess the cause and then provide effective treatment for a full and speedy recovery. Where applicable, we’ll also help you create and implement Stay At Work/Return To Work programmes for injured employees.

Body in Motion has a range of specialist services including screening using Muscle Balance Assessment (MBA) and BMX Gait Analysis. 


  • Manual Handling Seminars
  • Injury Prevention & Management
  • Corporate Health Programmes
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
  • Work Site Assessments
  • Return To Work Programmes
  • Pre-Employment Screenings
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Work Station Set-Up Training
  • Equipment Provision


Whether you need just a one-off individual assessment, or the creation and management of a comprehensive Health & Safety Programme that encompasses your entire organisation, we can help.

Contact us today  to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our dedicated Occupational Health team.